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pc.fm deliver agile projects for clients and provide team coaching to deliver high performance and increased productivity.

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Through the project maze!

Agile projects are a challenge. How to plan and schedule work? How to maintain rules and controls in chaos? We work with you to improve all agile projects.

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a Project delivery company
Established in the UK in 1989, by our founder, we deliver team & process improvement for business, IT, complex digital & Software Development projects.

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Productivity Change & Benefits
For micro, small, medium, large and very large projects we use Big Agile Techniques to allow you to master your project challenges with sustainability and ease of use.

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Coaching Management & Guidance
For organisations, government, small business, charities, individuals and teams seeking superior productivity & repeatable successful outcomes for their projects.

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Projects & Programmes

  • Agile Delivery

    Used worldwide to deliver success through effective and delivery focussed transformations & projects helping you deliver more and more complex solutions within lower and lower budgets.

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Coaching & Training

  • Agile Learning

    Expertise sharing, knowledge transfer and learning modules to improve the skills of your organisation. Low cost rapid learning solutions to enable your teams to run their own Agile projects & to adopt agile approaches & agile techniques.

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Audit & Assessment

  • Agile Evaluation

    Offering a consistent and independent assessment to determine how Agile are your processes, to see the capacity of the team to deliver and to detect (and report) these issues early so curative processes can be enabled.

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