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pc.fm provide evaluations, assessments & audit for agile project teams and for enterprise level adoption of Agile techniques.

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Professional evaluations!

Questionnaires are no substitute for an in-depth assessment by an experienced assessor who meets a team and manages a detailed assessment of capabilities.

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We Evaluate

Agile Retropectives
Oftentimes, your project does not need anything very formal, official or intense. Maybe you just need to get a group of people together and independently evaluate where they are, how they plan next steps and where they want to improve their operational processes.

We work with you to select appropriate project attendees so that only value added contributions are made. We help you to respond quickly but to plan carefully and ensure you deliver results within short daily retrospectives.

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We Assess

Agile Project Assessments
For projects that require specific issues to be resolved e.g. risk management, requirements prioritisation, Team Efficiency and Effectiveness, delivery and release planning etc. we offer independently facilitated workshop based assessments to deliver the results you seek.

We work with you to plan the assessment, the procedures involved and how we will conduct the data collection and feedback exercises. Finally we will work with you to formalise the communication of the results and help to manage the improvements identified.

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We Audit

Agile Project Audits
For agile projects that deliver within financial and other exacting governance procedures we offer formalised audit services which will include full assessment of financial performance, effectivenes of benefits delivery and alignment to agile principles.

In this instance we work closely with your internal or external audit team to align our output to the formalised output you expect and demand. For banking, insurance & financial institutions we work with your BASELII and INSOLVENCYII teams.

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