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pc.fm provide consultants, trainers & coaches to deliver agile coaching services for project teams and for the enterprise level adoption of Agile.

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Manage the way through!

Working with organisations and individuals we create lasting business initiatives & relationships that deliver true results for organisations and teams.

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We Facilitate

Agile Project Workshops
Our consultants facilitate your workshop, work with your workshop owner to clarify objectives and to ensure you deliver the results you demand and gain the solutions you need from the workshop attendees and the time they spend at the workshop.

  • ☆ Delivery Planning
  • ☆ Release Planning
  • ☆ Setup Planning
  • ☆ Risk Planning

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We Coach

Agile Project Solutions
Agility maturity & adoption varies from organization to organization, so for micro, small, medium, large and very large projects we provide tailored agile project coaching on site with your team to ensure you deliver the results you demand and gain the solutions you need.

  • ☆ Agile Team Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • ☆ Agile Enterprise Adoption
  • ☆ Agile Assessments
  • ☆ Agile PMO

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We Train

Agile Training Services
If your team deliver your own projects in-house, we provide a series of training services to instruct and develop your own agile coaches, agile managers and leaders, agile delivery specialists and to improve your skills and the skills of your organisation.

  • ☆ Agile Project Management
  • ☆ Agile Transformation
  • ☆ Agile Retrospective
  • ☆ Agile Training

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