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Our professional project management training services nurture & develop agile team members to sustain successful project productivity this time, next time, every time.

A fresh new approach!

pc.fm support methodology-neutral & agnostic agile methods that work in small medium and large scale agile environments. The British Computer Society Agile certificate is the global benchmark for agile delivery.

BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile

BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile
The BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile introduces candidates to agile and its fundamental concepts. Then challenges conventional thinking and agile application to stimulate a robust level of understanding. This training course will introduce the attendee to the concepts and techniques associated with delivering Agile projects using a proven Agile Project Delivery Framework.


There are no Pre-Requisites for this course. The training is an introduction to the agile project. This non residential course is designed to provide an introduction to Agile concepts and techniques for anyone who requires introductory practical advice on managing or participating in an agile project. Every delegate will receive a copy of an Agile Pocketbook (value £35.00).

Learning Modules

The learning modules for this training are:
1. The Agile Manifesto
2. Rationale and Benefits of Agile
3. Working Systems over Comprehensive Documentation
4. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiations
5. Responding to Change over Following a Plan
6. Common Agile Techniques
7. Common Agile Practices
8. Relevant Methods and Approaches for Agile Teams.

Who should attend?

All project professionals, including:
1. Project managers
2. Product managers
3. Product developers
4. Software developers
5. Software testers
6. Business analysts
7. Higher management positions
8. C-level board positions


The examination consists of a one hour exam with 40 multiple choice questions and will take place immediately after your course. It is a closed book examination i.e. no notes or books will be allowed into the examination room. If your business language is not English, candidates sitting the examination have a maximum of 75 minutes. The pass mark is 65% (26 out of 40). Introductory exam price of £99 (+ VAT) if exam taken before 30 August 2020
(normal cost £135 plus VAT).


We deliver this training to private commercial clients at their own facility.

If there isn't a course location or date that suits your organisational needs, please contact us using the email details below to see if we have the opportunity to create a training course at your own facility or to help in some other way, maybe mentoring an existing project.

Training Locations

We deliver this course in the following locations below:
→ Manchester Hilton Hotel
→ Glasgow Hilton Hotel
→ London Hilton Hotel
→ Belfast Hilton Hotel
→ Cardiff Hilton Hotel
→ Dublin Hilton Hotel
Please select your preferred location and date

location & date

Choose a Location & Date:

Introductory course price of £499 (+ VAT) for training booked and taken before 30 August
(normal cost £550 + VAT).